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Watch Gary’s speeches and TV interviews in dozens of different languages

The Georgia Tech Speech in Your Language

Watch the Georgia Tech Speech in Your Language

The video at the top of this page shows my lecture at Georgia Tech, which took place July 8, 2010. This lecture has come to be known sometimes as “The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear,” and now it is perhaps better-known as “The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear.” The Georgia Tech speech is widely considered to be the best place for newcomers to begin an exploration of animal rights and ethical veganism, and to learn the many irrefutable reasons for converting to an ethical vegan lifestyle.

The Georgia Tech speech has now been translated and subtitled in 39 languages, and has amassed a collective total of over 11 million YouTube hits! This section presents links to all 39 translations (including a second translation in Russian with voice-over in Russian). To watch the translation in your language, simply click on the title of the video from the list below. (Each title is shown in dark-green boldface type.) The page containing the video will open in a new tab on your browser.

Shortly after this speech, I conducted a 30-minute question-and-answer session that was also recorded on video, and subsequently translated into 18 languages. To access links to the Q&A videos, or to videos in other categories besides, just click on the appropriate tab above.

The Georgia Tech Q&A in Your Language

Watch the Georgia Tech Q&A Session in Your Language

The Georgia Tech Q&A session has been translated and subtitled in 18 languages. Click any of the titles below to watch the presentation in your desired language.

Other Lectures by Gary

Watch Other Lectures by Gary Yourofsky

This section contains my March 2014 City College–New York lecture and Q&A; my November 2014 lecture and Q&A at Oakland Community College in Royal Oak, Michigan; and several translations of the two. It also contains other lectures that I gave prior to 2010.

Other Videos of Interest, and Television and Radio Ads

Watch Other Videos of Interest, and Television Ads by Gary Yourofsky

This section contains many interviews and televised news stories, plus three animated cartoons and two slaughterhouse videos, among several others. It even includes a television commercial that I made with the legendary guitarist of Queen, Brian May!

Listen to Radio Ads Voiced by Gary Yourofsky

This section contains seven radio advertisements that aired on many stations nationwide from 2012 through 2014, including WDFN-1130 in Detroit, 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit, KFTX in Corpus Christi, WLS-890 in Chicago, WBBM-780 in Chicago, and Fox News, Fox Talk and ESPN on XM/Sirius.