Shopping Guide to the Best Vegan Food, Clothing, Body Care and Cosmetics

Before I list the awesome products out there, please know that soy—unless you are allergic to it—can be a great addition to your diet as it contains ALL of the amino acids, protein, calcium, iron, B vitamins, folic acid and more! Additionally, the isoflavones and phytochemicals in soy can reduce, treat and prevent diseases. Don't be fooled by all the negative publicity swirling around soy foods in recent years. This misinformation comes from the meat, egg, and dairy industries, doctors who are misguided about their food choices, and the snooty raw-food community that hypocritically consumes honey and bee pollen (see the Bees and Honey section of the All About Veganism page to understand the evils of the honey industry). For a responsible analysis of the effects of soy foods on human health, click the link titled The Truth—and Falsehoods—About Soy, also on the ALL ABOUT VEGANISM page. For a list of companies that do not use GM soy and non-sustainable palm oil, click the link titled GMOs, Pesticides, and Palm Oil. If you want to add some handy vegan phone apps, get Happy Cow, VeganXpress, VeganSteven, Animal-Free (Apple devices) and Animal-Free (Android devices), or Cruelty-Free (Apple) and Cruelty-Free (Android).

Do your grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, Ralph's, Kroger, Albertson's, Acme, Publix, Giant, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods and other national or local chains for great selections of vegan meats and vegan dairy products. If your favorite store doesn't offer enough vegan products, don't be afraid to speak up and request these products. By the way, the SOY Veggie Slices that seem to be in every grocery store nowadays are NOT vegan. They contain casein (dairy). In order to get vegan cheese at your favorite store, please tell the store manager to bring in FOLLOW YOUR HEART, CHAO, DAIYA, TOFUTTI, GO VEGGIE!, HEIDI HO and WAYFARE cheeses (described in the Vegan Dairy Substitutes section below).

Vegan Meat Substitutes

Anything by Gardein. This all-vegan company can’t do anything wrong. I guarantee you will love it all! Breakfast pockets, beef and chicken sliders, beef burger, gluten-free burger, beef and chicken strips, meatballs, several flavors of chicken filets, ground beef crumbles, BBQ riblets, meatloaf, fish fillets, chicken patties, nuggets and fingers, Sloppy Joe's, beef tips and skewers, BBQ pulled pork shreds, sausage patties, turkey cutlets and roasts, BBQ wings and buffalo wings!

Anything by Turtle Island Foods, the makers of Tofurky®. The oven-roasted, peppered, hickory-smoked, bologna, Italian and roast beef deli slices are simply phenomenal. They also have pepperoni slices, 3 pizzas, Italian sausage, beer bratwursts, kielbasa, franks, breakfast links, jerky, ground tofurky (ground beef and chorizo) and 4 flavors of tempeh strips (smoky maple bacon, sesame garlic, coconut curry and lemon pepper).

Beyond Meat is taking the world by storm! The chicken strips and beef crumbles are so meaty, they even fooled most of The Today Show crew in April 2014! And the burgers taste frighteningly just like cow-flesh. I guarantee you will love ‘em!

Anything by Sophie's Kitchen. They have breaded fish fillets, breaded shrimp, shrimp, calamari, squid, smoked salmon, canned tuna and prawns. The main ingredient is elephant yam root, also known as Konjac (pronounced KOUN-JAEK).

Anything by Sweet Earth. Their bacon is the best on the market. And the burritos are delicious! Check their site for many other vegan items as well!

Sol is an all-vegan gluten-free company that makes chicken chunks, burgers, crumbles, sliders, ribs, breakfast patties and falafel.

All six soy-free/gluten-free Organic Sunshine Burgers. They use sunflower seeds and brown rice as the base. The different flavors are BBQ, Hemp & Sage, Falafel, Garden Herb, Black Bean and the Original Quarter Pound. BBQ is my favorite. Check out its ingredients: Organic cooked brown rice, organic ground raw sunflower seeds, organic cooked pinto beans, organic rice syrup, organic onion, organic paprika, organic garlic, sea salt, organic black pepper and natural smoke flavor.

The organic soy-free/gluten-free Original and Chipotle burgers by Asherah's Gourmet. They use quinoa as the base. Check out the ingredients for the Original: Organic quinoa, organic sweet potatoes, organic carrots, organic coconut flour, organic onion, organic red bell pepper, organic spices, organic garlic powder, Redmond's real salt (contains over 50 trace minerals) and organic flax meal.

The soy-free/gluten-free Adzuki Bean and World's Best Veggie Burger by Hilary's Eat Well. Check out the ingredients for the World's Best: Millet, quinoa, expeller-pressed coconut oil, spinach, onion, garlic, psyllium husk powder, arrowroot, sweet potato, real salt, apple cider vinegar and sunflower seed oil.

Lightlife vegan products are fantastic! Check out the chik'n strips, steak strips, smart bacon, smoky tempeh bacon, pepperoni, plus the ham, bologna and turkey deli meats.

The citrus sparerib cutlets by Vegetarian Plus are fantastic. This company has some other VEGAN products like tuna rolls, orange chicken, shrimp and kung pao chicken. But make sure to read the ingredient list for other Vegetarian Plus products because some of their foods are only vegetarian (containing eggs or dairy).

Any of Worthington's canned goods are wonderful, especially their dogs, chili, and skallops. However, the canned TUNO fish is horrible! Don't buy it. They used to make a frozen version of TUNO, which was utterly amazing, but they've stopped making it for some reason.

Chicken patties and nuggets, buffalo wings, potstickers, spring rolls, egg rolls and munchees by Health Is Wealth.

Boca vegan burgers. Boca has a huge line of veggie goods but most are only vegetarian (containing eggs or dairy).

Meatless Meatballs by Nate's.

Yves has a huge selection of great-tasting vegan items: pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage patties, chicken and steak strips, ground beef and turkey crumbles, and bologna, ham, turkey, salami, roast beef and smoked chicken deli slices!

Stuffed Celebration Roast by Field Roast Grain Meat Co. This roast is made from wheat (seitan) and it's remarkable! I've only seen this at Whole Foods so far. They also have three flavors of amazing cheese slices (see the DAIRY segment below).

Anything by Five Star Foodies. They have a FANTASTIC soy-free/gluten-free vegan burger made with artichokes!

Anything by Bahama. They're a soy-free/gluten-free vegan company that uses rice as the base. They offer five flavors of rice burgers, plus sausage and meatballs.

Food For Life has Cluckphrey chicken patties and nuggets, and Moophrey burgers. They also have nine gluten-free vegan breads.

Match veggie meats are super good. They have beef, chicken, crab, pork and sausage.

Upton's Naturals has four insanely delicious, ready-to-eat wheat meats (seitan) in the following flavors: Ground beef, Italian sausage, Chorizo and traditional. Melissa's also has Soyrizo, a soy-based vegan chorizo.

For the best-tasting vegan jerky around, order Scott Backman’s homemade Zola Jerk, or email him directly at It comes in four flavors: Red Pepper Flake, Thai Peanut, Teriyaki and Tangy BBQ.

Check out the soy-free, gluten-free Just Mayo by Hampton Creek Foods. They also make cookies and ready-to-eat raw cookie dough.

Vegan Egg Substitutes

To make a scrambled egg, buy firm or extra firm tofu. Remove it from the package and squeeze out any excess water. Crumble the tofu into a mixing bowl and mash it up with salt, garlic powder, onion powder, lots of nutritional yeast, black pepper, turmeric and a dash of Bragg's Liquid Aminos sauce. If you aren't spice savvy, you can use a packet of Fantastic World Foods Tofu Scrambler Mix instead. Put everything in a skillet with assorted chopped veggies and sauté until the veggies are semi-soft and tofu is browned.

For an omelet, crumble the tofu with a food processor using the same spice combo as the scrambler. Add 2-3 tablespoons of vegan cream cheese (Tofutti or Go Veggie!), a couple pinches of brown sugar and a large dash of vegan milk. Pulse the ingredients and spread the mixture into a pie plate and bake until firm. Sauté assorted vegetables separately and place them on the tofu pie. Fold the tofu pie over the veggies and voilà, you have an omelet. You can also make Miriam's mouthwatering egg (her other creations are located in the VEG RECIPES section).

If you need an egg substitute for baked goods (eggs are an emulsifier and are never used for taste), use these emulsifying agents instead: agar, apple sauce, arrow root, bananas, corn starch, konjac (elephant yam) powder, or soaked ground flax seeds.

You can now buy vegan eggs from FOLLOW YOUR HEART, and THE VEGG, too. FYH also makes delicious cheese slices and blocks, cream cheese, salad dressings, and Vegenaise (mock mayo), which is the best-tasting condiment ever created.

Vegan Dairy Substitutes

Coconut Herb with black pepper, Tomato Cayenne with spicy peppers, and Creamy Original CHAO cheese slices by the Field Roast Grain Meat Co. They are all seasoned with fermented soybean curd from Asia that the Vietnamese call Chao, and they are absolutely delicious.

The Aged Cheddar Puffs from Earth Balance is without a doubt the best snack in the world! The cheddar is made with navy beans. If I don't eat the entire bag in one sitting, it's a miracle! Earth Balance is an all-vegan company with many other great products such as mac & cheese, sour cream & onion potato chips, cheddar chips, cheesy crackers, soy-free mayo, butter, soy milk, nut butters, flavored popcorn and soy-free coconut spread.

Follow Your Heart has mouthwatering blocks and slices of American, Provolone, Garden Herb and Mozarella vegan cheeses. FYH also has sour cream, and Vegenaise (mock mayo), which just might be the greatest food product ever created! They also have Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Caesar and Balsamic Vinaigrette salad dressings. FYH also has a restaurant and grocery store in Canoga Hills, California.

Daiya has a great line of Mozzarella, Cheddar and Pepperjack shredded and sliced vegan cheeses. Daiya also produces frozen pizzas, mac & cheese, yogurt, frozen cheesecake, and classic salad dressings like Ranch, Bleu Cheese and Caesar.

Go Veggie! has shredded and sliced vegan cheeses, cream cheese, grated parmesan and more.

Wayfare has vegan cheese, sour cream, pudding and more.

I saw Heidi Ho vegan cheese dips on the Shark Tank TV show and immediately went to Whole Foods and bought it! They have 5 flavors and they’re all fantastic.

Miyoko has created stellar vegan mozzarella, chive, sundried tomato garlic, aged English smoked and sharp farmhouse cheeses, and additional flavors, too!

Anything by Kite Hill. Their cheesecake, cream cheese, cheeses and yogurts are stunning! You will NOT be disappointed!

Silk offers a wide variety of soy, almond, and coconut milks. Silk also has yogurt, creamer and eggless nog.

Taste The Dream is a spectacular company that makes Rice Dream rice milk and ice cream, and Almond Dream milk and ice cream. There are also vegan milks made from hemp, flaxseeds, coconuts, oats and hazelnuts.

Vanilla-flavored Living Harvest hemp milk. It's delicious in smoothies and cereal! This also comes in chocolate. Living Harvest's hemp has protein, riboflavin, B12, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, calcium, iron, folic acid and all amino acids. Plus, each serving has 900 mg. of Omega 3 and 2800 mg. of Omega 6!

Malk has superb-tasting pecan, chocolate pecan, almond and cashew milks.

Milkadamia macadamia milk is the best-tasting vegan milk on the market!

Elmhurst Harvest has awesome-tasting pistachio and walnuts milks.

Anything by Tofutti, especially their cream cheese, ice cream, sour cream, pizza and cheese slices.

So Delicious has delicious ice creams, ice cream sandwiches, milks, creamers and yogurt made from soy, almonds, cashews or coconuts. They're all UNBELIEVABLE!

Coconut Bliss has more than a dozen flavors of ice cream, and a few ice cream bars, too.

Ben & Jerry’s finally released Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Coffee Caramel Fudge, and PB & Cookies vegan ice creams in 2016. They’re all fantastic.

WholeSoy & Co. has more than 10 flavors of yogurt.

Nancy's has 7 flavors of soy yogurt.

Wildwood makes terrific yogurt, milk and creamers. It also has amazing tofu, and a few mock meats.

Amande makes 8 flavors of almond yogurt.

Soyummi Foods has a great line of puddings available in chocolate, lime, cherry, rice and tapioca.

Vegan Breads, Bagels, and Other Baked Goods

Vegan bread and bagels

When you think of a simple food item like bread, very few ingredients should come to mind: flour, water, yeast. Why do the majority of breads on the market have 30 to 40 ingredients, with things like DATEM and L-Cysteine and dozens of other ambiguous ingredients? Because mainstream companies shamefully defile our food supply with unnecessary animal by-products to cut down on costs and exploit every last part of an animal's body. For instance, the Einstein Bagels chain has L-Cysteine, an animal amino acid, in its bagels; L-Cysteine is sourced from hair boiled off the bodies of dead animals. And how about mono- and diglycerides from the fat of animals, sodium stearoyl lactylate from the blood and muscle tissue of animals, DATEM (another animal-fat byproduct), monocalcium/calcium phosphate from animal bones—and let's not forget honey (bee vomit).

Vegan bread and bagels

Some of these ingredients DO have plant alternatives, but unless the label indicates that these ingredients come from vegetable sources, or that the company is vegan, they are likely sourced from the dead bodies of animals. Other frequently used non-vegan ingredients include eggs, milk, milk powder, vitamin D3, whey and sweet dairy whey, milk fat, and butter.

Luckily, there are ethical bread choices. Food for Life has nine gluten-free vegan breads, too. It's just a matter of knowing what to look for, reprogramming your normal routine, and trying something new.

Click here to find a store near you

Trader Joe's brand whole wheat bagels, sesame seed bagels, plain bagels, everything bagels, cinnamon raisin bagels, organic moral fiber blueberry bran and cranberry orange bran muffins are vegan. Most of the pita breads, tortillas and fresh-baked artisan breads are free of animal ingredients, too. Trader Joe's also has the following brand name vegan options: Rudi's Organics wheat hot dog and hamburger buns, Food for Life's brown rice bread and Ezekiel 4:9's original, sesame or cinnamon raisin breads.

Click here to find a store near you

The Kroger chain offers a decent natural foods section with some great choices: Ezekiel 4:9 (by Food for Life) sprouted grain tortillas, cinnamon raisin, sesame, low sodium, 7 sprouted grains, brown rice and cinnamon raisin English muffins; Food for Life brown rice and rice almond breads; and ENER G white rice loaf, tapioca loaf, brown rice loaf, and white rice flax loaf.

If you're out and about, you can use your iPhone or other smart phone to find several places that offer vegan breads. The following apps provide an extensive list of all things vegan at restaurant chains: Happy Cow, VeganXpress, VeganSteven, Animal-Free (Apple devices) and Animal-Free (Android devices), or Cruelty-Free (Apple) and Cruelty-Free (Android). Here's some more info about vegan bread selections:

Auntie Anne's: Original, Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Sugar, Garlic, Jalapeño, Glazin' Raisin (request it without butter)

Au Bon Pain: Bread bowl, artisan baguette, artisan multigrain bread, artisan sun-dried tomato bread, country white bread, focaccia

Blimpie: White roll

Bruegger's Bagels: Baked apple, cinnamon raisin, cinnamon sugar, cranberry orange, everything, garlic, jalapeño, onion, plain, poppy, pumpernickel, pumpkin, rosemary olive oil, salt, sesame, sesame softwhich, everything softwhich, ciabatta bread, whole wheat wrap

Panera: Artisan French, ciabatta, country, plain foccacia, sesame semolina, sourdough, stone-milled rye, three-seed, and French baguette

Quiznos: White bread, wheat bread

Roly Poly: Whole wheat or flour tortilla, low-carb wheat tortilla

Sheetz: Ciabatta bread, cinnamon raisin bagel, English muffin, everything bagel, panini, plain bagel, pretzel roll, tortilla, wheat sub, white sub, wrap

Subway: Ciabatta, Italian (white), roasted garlic, sourdough, wraps

Tim Hortons: wheat or white roll, soup roll, outcakes, and the following bagels: 12-grain, blueberry, cinnamon raisin, everything, onion, plain, poppy, sesame seed

Other Vegan Foods

Vegenaise (vegan mayo) by Follow Your Heart. This is flat out the BEST product on the market anywhere. I dip everything in it from carrots and broccoli to pretzels and tofu.

Ready-to-eat tofu by WhiteWave. WhiteWave also has tofu that you can prepare yourself.

Amy's has a huge line of veg food. However, most of these products contain dairy so they're not vegan. The Tofu Scramble Pocket, Rice Macaroni & Daiya Cheese, and more than 20 soups are delicious, and vegan!

Trader Joe's has its own brands of tofu, soy, coconut and rice milks/yogurts, chicken and steak strips, chicken tenders, meatballs and more. The ready-to-eat tofu is the best one on the market by far.

Imagine Foods offers many vegan soups, broths and stocks.

Uncle Eddie's Vegan Cookies. Get the oatmeal raisin brand. They also have chocolate chip, peanut butter and trail mix flavors.

Vegan chocolate can be obtained at Chocolate Decadence, or at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods or any other vegan-friendly store. Always remember that genuine chocolate is naturally vegan. It's a bean.

Go Max Go Foods has veganized seven of the most popular chocolate bars! Visit their website and find out who's carrying Mahalo (Almond Joy), Jokerz (Snickers), Twilight (Milky Way), Buccaneer (Three Musketeers), Thumbs Up (Butterfinger), Cleo's (Reese's Peanut Butter Cups) and Snap (Nestle Crunch). You can also order them online.

Little Secrets created the first vegan M&Ms! They’re calling them Salted Peanut Dark Chocolate, and they’re quite delicious! Little Secrets is not a vegan company but has other vegan goodies, including Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate Salted Peanut, and seasonal Dark Chocolate Peppermint. The confectioner’s glaze is made with carnauba wax and mineral oil, which is a pleasant surprise because it is usually made from insect secretions.

Vegan honey alternatives can be obtained by purchasing Bee-Free Honee, agave nectar, yacon syrup or rice-based honey.

If you peruse the ingredients of some of your favorite foods, you'll be surprised by what happens to be vegan: Oreo cookies, original Ritz crackers, Wheat Thins, peanut butter, jelly, Twizzlers, original Now & Laters, original Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, Charm's Blow Pops, Dots, Hot Tamales, Ruffles (and most potato chips minus the ones with sour cream and/or cheese), Duncan Hines frostings, Snyder's pretzels and more.

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Kat Von D Beauty: World-famous tattoo artist Kat Von D has created a full line of vegan cosmetics from lipstick and eyeliner to foundation and make-up remover.
Lush: Soaps and bubble baths; face, body and foot lotions; shampoos, conditioners and gels; deodorants; body sprays and perfumes. All of their products are vegetarian, and most are vegan. NO animal testing, of course. Lush has outlets in 33 states and numerous countries.
Beauty Without Cruelty: A comprehensive line of vegan and organic hair care and skin care products and cosmetics.
Herbs Of Grace: Offers mineral-based (and 100% vegan) cosmetics, body bronzers, and lip balms.
MuLondon: Organic, fair-trade moisturizers and cleansers for your face, hands and body. Their products also contain no artificial preservatives, emulsifiers or fragrances.
Aveda: A pioneer in the green cosmetics world, offering over 95% organic and vegan ingredients, free of parabens, and never tested on animals. They offer an entire line of skin care, body care and hair care, and make-up. The make-up brushes are free of animal hair, too. Check labels to avoid beeswax and honey, which are found in all the lip products and a dozen other body and hair care items.
Hurraw!: Makers of a raw vegan lip balm in assorted flavors.
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