The ADAPTT Video and Radio Page

This page contains videos of a lecture and Q&A session that Gary presented at Georgia Tech on July 8, 2010. The lecture is now offered in 34 languages; the Q&A session, in 17. To watch the videos in your language, roll your mouse over the appropriate entry above, and select from the drop-down menu that appears. The third category contains the original and new slaughterhouse videos, an animated short by vegan cartoonist Dan Piraro, and more. You can also follow through each of the videos in order by clicking the "Next Video" link at the bottom of the page; the "Back to List" link will return you to the main menu below. Also accessible from this page are several radio advertisements that Gary recorded for broadcast during the summer of 2012.

Some of the content on this page will be very disturbing to watch. We encourage you to watch anyway, and resolve to do your part by never eating an animal again, by boycotting every industry that trades in animal cruelty, and by promoting compassion and respect for your animal brethren.