You can now access my speeches and Q&A sessions through the slideshow above! Just click the slide you want to watch, and VOILÀ! And check out what Queen guitarist Brian May had to say about my Georgia Tech speech. I actually used his message as a 2015 TV advertising campaign on NBC-Detroit, Fox-Orlando, Fox-Philadelphia and Fox-Charlotte. You can watch the ad by clicking the image below.

Watch Gary's TV ad with legendary Queen guitarist Brian May!

Links to dozens of medical studies are located throughout the ALL ABOUT VEGANISM section. The studies focus on the toxicity of all animal products and their inextricable links to heart and kidney diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, and prostate, breast, colorectal, ovarian and pancreatic cancers, and more! Also check out the educational BITESIZEVEGAN videos; the vegan rap NOT IN OUR NATURE, which sampled parts of my speech at Georgia Tech; the rock song SPECIESISM which also sampled a part of my Ga Tech speech; the vegan rap THE HOLOCAUST for giving me a shout out; my slam poetry piece I WILL NOT STAND BY; Industrial artist RU-486’s EMPOWER THE SENTIENT, which is my entire slam poetry piece laid over a sick industrial track; and the VEGAN EMPIRE clothing line, which used one of my anti-vivisection quotes on the back of their LIBERATION shirt.

As of February 2015, I have a YouTube channel, and a verified Facebook page, too. I opened up accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Google+ but have not done anything with them at all. By the way, dozens of other people are still posing as me online but NO ONE has permission to do so!  — G

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